English, Hungarian

Fanni Lazáry

For me, writing is not just a practical way of self-expression, but it is also a magical tool to create a new world. It all started in my childhood: I have been writing but also listening since then. Fairy tales, stories, family and urban legends, news and jokes, poems and pictures expressed in words always keep my attention. I love how words breathe life into everything lifeless. I love symbols, metaphors and synesthesia that weave the colourful thread of your lives with gold. I love those pictures that your words paint because they will play a determining part in your wedding ceremony, where also your guests will hear your personal story. Even then, if your guests speak different languages – we offer a solution! I have lived for an extended period of time in the United States, where I experienced what it feels like to express my thoughts in a foreign language. Therefore I want to assist also those couples too, who would like to say the I Do’s in Hungarian and English both. This is your wedding, your guests, your story – I only listen and assist you so your ceremony may become the event of your dreams.


English, French, Hungarian

Adrienn Pleyer

I love stories. It’s hard to decide whether I like it more to listen to them or to tell them myself. I wouldn’t dare to say that I’m a story collector but I sure am in a way. I am truly fascinated by tales and therefore remember them for a long time. Just like storytellers. I am overjoyed if I can get to know someone through their stories. When I attended a wedding as a French interpreter for the first time, I found it moving that I could be part of such an intimate event. I was so deeply touched by the ceremony. I was rooting for everything to go smoothly for them and congratulated the married couple from the bottom of my heart the same way I would have done for a close friend. In 2011 I obtained my diploma as a French teacher, and this year I will graduate as a Hungarian teacher. I was very excited and thrilled when I found out that I can join the Your Story Ceremony team, as it is a highly professional group. We help you navigate within the many opportunities that occur in relation to your ceremony so that you can tailor your event according to your taste.


French, English, Italian, Hungarian

Linda Vadász

I have always wanted to become an interpreter as this profession has everything I love: every day I learn about new topics and meet new people. Every day is different and I have to give my best all the time in new environments and situations. What I like the most is when we become a team with the people I interpret for: this is my goal also at bilingual weddings. I got to know the world of weddings as an interpreter, and I have strived to follow this spirit from the beginning, that is to form a team with the couple, to be there mentally and with my whole heart, to notice the slightest demands, to work in the favour of the couple and to prioritize their wishes, so that this day can be truly theirs. As a wedding officiant I rely on my experience gained as an interpreter at ceremonies and try to create moments tailored to the couple, so that all bilingual ceremonies can truly be unique and unrepeatable.


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