The Mountain and the Tasmanian Devil - a Love Story by Veronika

We say that we share back your love story in a way you have never heard before. Your love story without pathos or clichés, full of warmth, naturalness and honesty. So let's see how Veronika writes and tells your story!

Andrej is waiting at the airport. He met Judit in Finland for the first time. The girl who doesn’t look and act like any of the women he was surrounded by before. He remembers how pretty and chatty she was and that she was full of life.

Judit is waiting at the airport. She was given a trip as a gift for her graduation and she decided to visit Andrej in Belgium. Yet, for the sake of safety, she booked a room for herself. A year and a half passed and that is a long time since they last saw each other.

They are both nervous. And they are waiting for each other. And waiting. Waiting for long hours. At two different airports. When Andrej finally arrives, Judit is standing in front of him with her knees shaking. His gut tells Andrej that Judit needs someone who cares for and protects her. ’I might be the one for her’ – he is pondering.

And what is Judit’s instinct telling at the same moment? That Andrej is going to be her future husband as well as the father of her children. The defiant, self-sufficient girl who has always been able to do anything and everything on her own, and has never thought about marriage until then.

After a few years of a long-distance relationship, they finally move in together in London. They do not know what they're going for: many ups and downs are to come. But they are working on their relationship from the very beginning, laying their cards on the table and learning to compromise.

Andrej is like a mountain: steady and calm, while Judit is like the Tasmanian devil, who shakes the world up with her restlessness and temperament. Then, over the years, they slowly grow up together, as they say.

Judit had never felt that much safe before like with Andrej. He gave a bit of peace to her existence, so she became more balanced, and could find herself in the world.

Andrej found excitement beside Judit. He met a different, yet enjoyable pace hence became more courageous, more pragmatic and gained much more self-confidence.

Their relationship is so special because they are never putting on a show: they are honest with themselves and with the world as well, even if they are passing through hard times. They have shaken together so they know when to leave each other alone and when there is time for talking things over. They hold each other’s hands even on their worst days. They would go to any lengths together, and unstoppable together.

At their old age, we find them on the terrace of their beach house. They are surrounded by their children and their friends. They have visited all the museums of the world, have read great books, travelled a lot, and now they eat well, drink fine wines, and enjoy their daily lives.

When they look back on their long, common life, and they compare negative and positive memories, they realize that they have gathered more of the positive ones. Two people who one-time were total strangers. They grew up differently, in different places. But the fact that they were able to learn to harmonize and live together is so fantastic, that it gives them the creeps, despite all the ups and downs of life. After all, it was worth it together.

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