Veronika Nagy

Hungarian, English


I am a Master of Arts. I have always read and written a lot, and a lot of various kinds. Ancient Greek dramas, Attila József, García Márquez, fairy tales – to mention but a few of my favourites. My first great passion was the theatre. To watch, to do, to learn about it. To become absorbed in a shared experience, to laugh gleefully in the dark, or to swallow my tears in silence. To not simply know, but feel in my veins what an opportunity it is to be human. 

I am a teacher, an expert of therapy by recreation, a life coach. As such, I focus on others. At times on one person, at times on twenty, on certain occasions on two hundred. On children as well as on adults. I listen a lot – sometimes I ask, I sing, I recite nursery rhymes; or I plan programs, I organize events, I conduct trainings. 

I am a mother. Together we spend our days playing, cuddling, watching and listening: to each other and to the world. The breeze as it caresses our skin, the smell of frying meat as it floats out of the window, the jazz recording that daddy has chosen for us to listen to together. I am a wife. A Sándor Weöres quote engraved into our rings: „your looking glass, your truest friend am I”. Far from the purple haze, closer and closer to each other and ourselves. 

I am a wedding celebrant. In part writing, in part theatre – most importantly: focus. On who you will become on this important day of your lives. On who will be there with you. On how you operate together, as a family, as a community. On what and how you tell me about yourselves. If I listen carefully, all these little pieces fall into place and become your story.  

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