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Andrea Krisztina Kovács

French, English and Hungarian


My story as a wedding celebrant started by the end of University years. I was learning interpretation and translation at ELTE in Budapest at that time. In the very beginning, I was enjoying the unique world of weddings: emotions and impressions full of happiness laughs and cries. And I thought the event itself is enough to make everyone happy. 

But then, something changed throughout the years. I wanted more. I wanted to perform professional ceremonies from a technical point of view because I considered that a wedding ceremony should be perfect and the devil is in the details - I still share this approach. So I became a perfectionist celebrant planning and preparing on all counts: arrive in time (an hour before the ceremony), use a nice pen, inform the whole wedding party about the processional etiquette, fix the rings on a way the bride and groom will surely able to pull it easily off from the pillow even with trembling hands, etc.

As the years went by, I developed the professional preparation and attention the couple and their invitees deserve. And at one point I realised that it means nothing in itself if the content and text of the ceremony is not meaningful enough. Meaningful for me, for the couple, for their guests. I do believe that the wedding ceremony is not about big words describing ideal marriage. It’s about their reality, their life and their family. I consider, the wedding ceremony should be an everlasting memory for the Bride and the Groom, when they can there and then stop, look back a bit, revive their story - the journey they went through. Then look at the future and vow, promise and plan together, and finally enjoy the present moment, celebrate the feelings everyone around them experiences and shares with them.

That’s where I am on my journey and there are so many chapters waiting for me…


Kondella Misi Photography

Kondella Misi Photography


Thank you for your enquiry, I will contact you within 3 days. Best regards, Andrea

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