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Your Story Ceremony

Daniel Karczag International & Destination Wedding Photography


Your story, your ceremony.

For a celebration to always remember.

Your Story Ceremony

Our mission is to create memorable family celebrations by officiating unique ceremonies at your significant life-events.
Because we believe that celebrations connect us.

Wertán Botond

Our storytelling approach

Every couple, every family has their own story. By carefully listening to your unique history, values and aspirations we capture your essence and shape a completely bespoke ceremony. We share back your love story in a way you have never heard before. Your love story, without pathos or clichés, just as natural, genuine and real as possible. We look for renewing traditions hand in hand with you, creating new ones - your own family rituals.


We do believe that every ceremony is a communal experience that is about all of us. About those in the spotlight and also about those witnessing the event. Your story delivered by us will be a story that conveys a message to each of your invitees. Because we know that well-written and well-told stories gift us with a common past, deepen our connection and enrich our lives.


Wertán Botond


@ mezzofoto

Celebrants of Your Story Ceremony

We believe that a true celebration is that which is created by our presence, attention, actions and the time devoted to gathering together.

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