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Fanni Szabóné Lazáry

(1991 - 2023)


"For me, writing is not just a practical way of self-expression, but it is also a magical tool to create a new world. It all started in my childhood: I have been writing but also listening since then. Fairy tales, stories, family and urban legends, news and jokes, poems and pictures expressed in words always keep my attention. I love how words breathe life into everything lifeless. I love symbols, metaphors and synesthesia that weave the colourful thread of your lives with gold. I love those pictures that your words paint because they will play a determining part in your wedding ceremony, where also your guests will hear your personal story. Even then, if your guests speak different languages – we offer a solution! I have lived for an extended period of time in the United States, where I experienced what it feels like to express my thoughts in a foreign language. Therefore I want to assist also those couples too, who would like to say the I Do’s in Hungarian and English both. This is your wedding, your guests, your story – I only listen and assist you so your ceremony may become the event of your dreams."

R.I.P. dear Fanni


Kondella Misi Photography


 The Wedding Fox 

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