Somehow our paths always crossed at defining events of our lives.

We met at the beginning of our adult life in a time of curiosity and full of changes. We danced at the same company. Forming each other and indulging in the community we were a part of. We lifted and held each other up, we trusted and let go. We learned to be present in space and time, in a team and on our own. We learned to give meaning to a movement, a look, a breath.

Both of us found home in the same street. Years later, by accident. Our sons were born here: both have the same name: Barnabas.

We became wedding celebrants with different professional backgrounds. After more than 150 ceremonies we keep on inspiring each other day after day, improving ourselves.

Writing and leading ceremonies is a real discovery. We are searching for traditions of the ancient times, habits of every culture of the world and draw inspiration from our favourite Australian, American and French colleagues. That’s what we blend with your style and concept - to create every time something new and unique.