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Linda Vadász

French, English, Italian and Hungarian


​I have always wanted to become an interpreter as this profession has everything I love: every day I learn about new topics and meet new people. Every day is different and I have to give my best all the time in new environments and situations. What I like the most is when we become a team with the people I interpret for: this is my goal also at bilingual weddings. I got to know the world of weddings as an interpreter, and I have strived to follow this spirit from the beginning, that is to form a team with the couple, to be there mentally and with my whole heart, to notice the slightest demands, to work in the favour of the couple and to prioritize their wishes, so that this day can be truly theirs. As a wedding officiant I rely on my experience gained as an interpreter at ceremonies and try to create moments tailored to the couple, so that all bilingual ceremonies can truly be unique and unrepeatable.


Kondella Misi Photography


 Kondella Misi Photography 


Thank you for your enquiry, I will contact you within 3 days. Best regards, Andrea

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