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The background of our method

“Well-written and well-told stories gift us with a common past, deepen our connection and enrich our lives.”

With this post our aim is to show you the unique ideological background that lies behind the professional work of Your Story Ceremony’s celebrants.

Modern ceremonies

Ancient communities made time for celebrations. They celebrated to display and experience togetherness, renewal and the flow of energy. Today, we aspire to experience the same when we celebrate: to dive into the atmosphere of a defining event in the company of our loved ones.

To feel that what is happening to us now and here is important, that we are important to each other. That is how an event becomes real and how you make it happen: with someone who sees it, hears it and experiences it with you together.

We shape the celebration together:

with our presence, attention, actions and the time devoted to the celebration. We slow down to find place and give significance to the event in the completeness of our lives. We look back, dive into the present and look forward, all at the same time. We create family history to rely on and a vision of the future that attracts and gives hope. Rites and ceremonies mark the closure of things that were and the beginning of events that are to come.

As wedding celebrants, we accompany you through the most significant events of your lives from getting in the mood to the celebration itself.


Every couple, every family has their own story: full of joy, success, but also hardship and lessons.

By carefully listening to your unique history, values and aspirations we capture your essence and shape a ceremony completely tailored to you. We share back (to each other and to your guests) your love story in a way you have never heard before. Your love story without pathos or clichés, full of warmth, naturalness and honesty. We look for renewing traditions hand in hand with you, creating new ones - your own family rituals.

We do believe that every ceremony is a communal experience that is about all of us. About those in the spotlight and also about those witnessing the event. Your story delivered by us will be a story that conveys a message to each of your invitees.

Because we know that well-written and well-told stories gift us with a common past, deepen our connection and enrich our lives.

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