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10 ways to make Unity Sand Ritual your own

The Unity Sand Ritual may be one of the most popular wedding rituals. Typically both partners pour a small container of sand (often two different colours) into a larger vessel, forming a layered effect. This act symbolizes their life-long commitment and the joining of their two lives. Unity Sand Ritual is a good choice if you would like a keepsake to display in your home after your wedding day. It is also perfect for an outdoor wedding since wind is less of a concern than it is with a candle.

Special Touches for Unity Sand Rituals

  1. Are you collecting seashells? Do you like drinking beer, tea or champagne together? Your common hobby is doing ceramics, growing plants or collecting chalices? Instead of glass containers use vessels to pour the sand from that are special for you.

  2. The vessel that you choose to pour the sand into could be a picture frame, an hourglass or an engraved vase as well.

  3. The colour of the sand could symbolize traits, events or places that are important in your relationship.

  4. Use sand from places that are special to you, such as those near where each of you grew up, or from memorable vacations.

  5. On your request, we can make a pattern out of your individual sand, such as the flag of your home country.

  6. You may wish to have your Celebrant to write a unique passage: what is the significance of this particular ritual for you, why did you opt for these special colours, what qualities of yours would you like to join with this act...

  7. Make your vows here, before the Unity Ritual to make it more meaningful.

  8. You may involve your parents, or your children in the ritual and make it an awesome family event.

  9. Combine it with other rituals. How beautiful it could be mixed with Unity Candle or with Handfasting Ritual!

  10. For more options please do not hesitate to contact us!

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