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Your Story Ceremony - wedding ceremonies where stories come to life

Storytelling at the wedding ceremony

Your Story Ceremony - szertartás, ahol a történetetek új életre kel
Történetmesélés az esküvői szertartáson (Fotó: Karczag Dániel)

We believe that well-written and well-told stories reveal endless possibilities: they open new perspectives, new horizons and as a result they recreate our reality. This exactly what storytelling at weddings is all about: possibilities that are in front of you at your ceremony. This is the story of your love which is in the heart of both our Premium and Deluxe ceremonies.

How do we write your love story?

Your Story Ceremony - szertartás, ahol a történetetek új életre kel
Hogyan születik meg a történetetek? (Fotó: WertánFotó)

We extremely love to talk separately with the bride and the groom to have a full and colorful picture of you as a couple. This part of the ceremony design process is all about questions: how you met, what are the defining moments of your relationship, how the proposal happened, how do you define yourselves as wife and husband.

We pay attention to events, emotions, turning points, habits and characteristics of your journey as a couple. Then we start writing. No pathos, no clichés, only warmth, naturalness and honesty. We write of you, for you, so that you can have your special moment and look at yourselves like never before. And when the day of your wedding finally arrives, we use the power of storytelling to form a community, so that every guest who hears your story feels included at the ceremony and that they become part of the experience truly and fully.

A few of our couple’s feedback on our stories…

‘..most of our guests thought she was a friend who we asked to conduct our ceremony, as she was so in harmony with us and emotionally involved in our story and in the ceremony.’ - Anna and Vincent

‘Andrea made sure to memorize our story, remembering the tiniest (but important!) details.’ - Jeffrey & Eneth

‘Our guests have also enjoyed it immensely and your personalized story was really funny and sweet and reflected perfectly who we are - funny and crazy.’ - Judit and Andrej

Fotó: Wendl Photography, Jágity Fanni, All that makes you happy

A little sneak peek from our ceremonies

The Story of Camilla and Dani by Andrea

If dogs could talk, there’s a few things Litchi would say. She would tell you, Daniel, that you were the first guy Camilla met in Hungary. And after only 6 month together she knew you were not only the first but the right one. Thanks to you, Camilla has become more patient, serious and successful in the field of studies and work and more funny and caring in private life. She would tell you that She feels herself lucky enough to not know you at the very beginning of your relationship when you were ready to wear yellow socks in sandals. She would tell you that Camilla will never forget your backpacking trip in Asia in 2016 because every single day of it was just perfect.

If dogs could talk, Litchi would tell you, Camilla, that Daniel feels much better on your side than anywhere else on Earth. Your funny and energetic character and the ability to be fully present in the moment made him fall in love with you immediately and he is very grateful to be a part of your life. You are a part of himself.

If dogs could talk, Litchi would tell you on your wedding day that She knows how much you love her. She appreciates your evening walks together and She is happy to spend the rest of her life with you, you crazy dog parents. If dogs could talk, today Litchi would wish for you to keep looking for new adventures and stay comfortable with each other. She would wish for you to keep respecting and trusting each other. To never miss to share fun and be ready to dance with each other on a Wednesday evening. And keep being faithful and proud of the foundation you’ve built together.

The Story of Miriam and Gábor by Fanni

Perhaps, there is no suitcase which is big enough to keep all those memories you have collected together so far. You probably put the first souvenir from that night when you first met in the Irish pub in Utrecht, where you definitely developed a crush immediately - and Gábor thought: I need this girl!

“Her personality comforted me, and this feeling made me restless” - as Gábor said.

After asking Miriam out many many times, she finally said yes, and you went to that pancake house, still in Utrecht, for a NO DATE. But it was a date for sure, and you put the next souvenir in your special suitcase.

A few weeks later, a party happened on 13th of October in 2012. You “kind of kissed” and Miriam thought: Oh my God! You still hear the noise of your squeaky bikes, but Miriam didn’t change her mind: still didn’t want to start dating anyone.

In December, a Facebook post made Gábor so jealous and he realized: I want this girl. Things got already complicated this time because you two with a friend planned a 3-month-trip to South America.

To a magical land, where you collected not just souvenirs but also memorable moments such as telling Szeretlek - I love you for the first time on a hill with a mesmerizing view in Peru.

Although, it was already decided that Gábor moved back to Hungary, the love between you was much stronger: and he decided to grab his half-loaded suitcase and went back to the Netherlands to live with Miriam.

The years have passed, you filled many many suitcases together in the Netherlands, but time has come and you two decided to move forward: not just to settle down in Switzerland but also make the next step in your relationship.

In October, 2018 Gábor planned a surprise trip for Miriam’s birthday to Italy. At Lake Como, on a terrace with a spectacular view, exactly 6 years after their first kiss, with his teddy-bear eyes, Gábor asked THE QUESTION from Miriam. “Oh my God, this is so weird! Of course” - as Miriam answered, and Gábor could put the ring on her: with the symbol of growth, knowledge and prosperity, a yellow sapphire from India, which made a huge impact on her life - and now, here is the groom and the bride.

Your Story Ceremony - szertartás, ahol a történetetek új életre kel
Ízelítő szertartásainkból (Fotó: Beloved Weddings)

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